coronavirus recommendations for the disabled
Coronavirus Recommendations for the DisabledCOVID-19 is a virus causing respiratory infections belonging to the coronavirus family. While most coronaviruses have relatively mild symptoms, some are more dangerous. Most noteworthy are viruses like SARS, MERS and now COVID-19. These viruses cause more severe symptoms, like pneumonia, kidney failure and in some
iAccess Life wants your help to support our Coronavirus Relief EffortsCoronavirus is pushing us all indoors, sheltering in place and practicing social distancing. For many of us, that means our Netflix queues are shrinking and the stack of books we’ve been meaning to read are dogeared and done. How many

March 29, 2020

User Spotlight: Michael Day

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Hello everyone and welcome to our User Spotlight’s! We created these posts to help inform and inspire our followers and users. The goal is to highlight people who are working on something special, fun or unique. We plan to do a post every Sunday, so if you are interested in
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models with physical impairments wearing tommy adaptive clothing
What is adaptive clothing?Adaptive clothing is apparel that is specifically designed to make dressing easier for individuals with special needs including physical disabilities, spinal cord injuries, and learning disabilities. Many of these folks are unable to manipulate things like zippers, buttons, and other similar closures or have limited mobility which
Accessible Destinations for Travelers with DisabilitiesWe all go through tough times in life. Sometimes, things fail to work out as we expect. Other times, things may flow as they should but require our hard work and dedication. In our quest to achieve all our goals, we may get worked out
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