Welcome Brand Ambassadors!

As you know, “iAccess Life” is a platform designed out of an essential need to change the way our community accommodates those of us with physical limitations.  We are asking you to be a part of creating the same standards, freedoms and lifestyle choices that your family, friends and community enjoy as a basic way of life.


If you haven't applied to be an ambassador, we will be accepting ambassador applications throughout the contest, so it isn't too late! You can apply to be an ambassador below, please apply using the same email you used or will use to register for the app.

Apply to be an Ambassador

If you haven’t already, please download the application and register using the same email that you used when applying to be an ambassador. You can download the app below!

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Past Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the May 2019 "Rate, Review and Refer" Contest!

Congratulations to our 1st prize winner Melissa T. from Arizona!

Congratulations to our 2nd place winner Veronica C. from Texas!

Congratulations to our 3rd place winner Brad A. from Nevada!

Contest Details

Stay tuned for future contest details