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Tell us about yourself..

Will Posey: Will Posey, 29 years old. Dalton Georgia. Roll around town in my quickie with a set of Spinergy wheels! (Laughs)

will posey racing his adaptive dirt bike at the winter x-games

What do your weekends consist of? Any hobbies?:

WP: I work most of the time, but I enjoy riding my dirtbike and pushing the boundaries as a para in an able-body sport. I also, consider my profession as a hobby as well because I enjoy it to the fullest.

Editors Note: Will is the video editor for Red Bull’s Moto Spy series. He will also be editing the iAccess Life Vlogs, coming soon!


will posey racing his adaptive dirt bike at the winter x-games

Favorite adventure so far? (Most accessible/Most memorable):

WP: Winter X Games! They kitted us with Action Track Chairs to utilize through the snowy conditions the past two years. It made life a lot easier getting around to watch all of the events and also being able to check out the track we would be competing on.

Worst adventure so far? (Issues with accessibility):

WP: I don’t have a specific one, but a few that stand out are restrooms that do not have the correct stall space for a wheelchair user. I have come across this often when traveling for work or for racing.

What fuels your fire?:

WP: Never give up! Always been in my blood! I also think pushing the para side of things into able-body sports or other competitions is huge. It pushes me to show people that we aren’t handicapped and just do things a little different! WE STILL ARE HUMANS!

will posey racing his adaptive dirt bike at the winter x-games

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Instagram: @willposey821
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